Facial review: Elemis BIOTEC Radiance Renew

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Finding a facial which really works can be tricky. Even finding skincare that works for you is a serious case of trial and error. And ain’t nobody got the time (or money) to test them all out. I’ve always been one of those people who had no clue if I was little miss oily, dry or sensitive – does that make me combination, or just indecisive? Who knows. Well, actually Elemis knows, as their new BIOTEC range of facials tune in to exactly what your skin needs that day.

BIOTEC combines cutting-edge technology, with a personal touch. After filling out a form about your lifestyle and current skincare regime, you then sit in front of a computer for your close up. This snaps a detailed photo of your skin, and analyses it to highlight areas of dehydration, redness, pores, blemishes and (most terrifying looking) sun damage.Your therapist talks you through each of these images in turn, then chats through your form to talk about your lifestyle and skincare regime. Even if you’re one of the lucky ones that knows your type, you’ll learn things about your skin you had no idea about. 

I found this part the most useful part of all. It was like having a private consultation with a dermatologist. Someone who knows your skin inside out, and someone who is genuinely interested in making a skincare regime that works for your lifestyle (more on this later). My therapist said she was very happy with my results (smug smile), although when she pointed out the dehydrated areas which will be prone to wrinkles – my smile lines and around the eyes – the smug smile quickly vanished and I mentally vowed never to smile ever again. (Just kidding, I live for the lols.)

Once the analysis was complete, the therapist chooses a treatment from the range that’s best for you. It could be anti-ageing, or anti-blemish, but I actually had what I was booked in for – the BIOTEC Radiance Renew.

During the treatment, the overall ambience was soothing and spa-like, with mood-lighting and a serene soundtrack. I definitely felt in a safe, spa haven, as opposed to being poked and prodded on an operating table, despite the ground-breaking tech that surrounded me.

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The BIOTEC Radiance Renew is, as its name suggests, all about recharging sluggish complexions for a radiant boost. The treatment uses two main technologies: ultrasonic – where a tiny spatula uses a current, which causes 27,000 vibrations a second to drive out impurities and cleanse the skin. And the second is galvanic, which use positive and negative ions to deep cleanse. All this chat about ‘ultrasonic’ and ‘ions’ may bring memories of GCSE physics screaming back to you, but lying there, it’s hard to think about the science when it all feels so relaxing. There was even a blissful neck and shoulder massage to boot while you lie back and wait for the mask to do its stuff.

After the treatment, my skin felt fresh and squeaky clean. I really didn’t want to leave the spa and step out onto the London streets, or worse the tube, to start clogging up my purified pores.

Before I left, my therapist talked me through the Elemis products, to find what extras I could introduce to my routine to keep up my new found glow. They then sent me these products as ‘my prescription’, which I loved, as I enjoy the thought of my skincare being a medical necessity. I had explained earlier how I’m really not a morning person and do everything at night (cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise), so come the morning I can roll out of bed, slap on some makeup and be on my merry way. Now, I’m trying to make time to cleanse, tone and moisturise in the morning, and my evening routine even has extra steps with a toner, eye serum and mask twice a week.

I’ve only been using the products for less than a week after my facial, but already my skin feels in great shape. I had a minor breakout after the facial (which is normal for me), so once those blemishes fade, I’ll be able to ditch the concealer for good. But so far, on a radiance scale of one to Lord of the Rings elf-queen? A solid nine. 

The Elemis BIOTEC Radiance Renew costs £110 for 1 hour. Find out more over at elemis.com. This treatment was complimentary – as I was reviewing it for a magazine – but all thoughts and opinion expressed above are unbiased and my own.

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