17 surprising things that happen once you’re over the age of 25

Happy Birthday! You’ve got wrinkles, three grey hairs and a couple of relatives pressuring you to get pregnant… 

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 11.45.15

1. You no longer feel like an irresponsible teenager when you buy a pregnancy test. Who knows, you could be trying to get a bun in your oven.

2. When friends tell you they are pregnant, you’re supposed to be happy for them, so swallow that gut-wrenching shock sharpish!

3. Your mum, your great aunt and your granny all start asking when you’re going to start popping out sproggs. If Mr Tinder makes it past date three, someone will start knitting booties.

4. Grey hairs. These are a surprise because we never thought they would ever happen to us.

5. You suddenly understand why Boots dedicates so much shelf space to anti-wrinkle creams. And you now spend hours there wondering what type of treatment your poor old face needs…

6. You have an overwhelming desire to get a pet. It just suddenly feels like the time. Right, Buttons? 🐱

7. People know how mortgages work and discuss them at dinner parties. And you’re still trying to get your head around the fact your graduate overdraft ins’t free anymore.

8. You start to stress about career progression. Post Uni it was just amazing to get a monthly payslip, now it’s all about the promotions.

9. You actually want to go to bed at a reasonable hour. Try as you might, you just get sleepy past 11:30…

10. Hangovers. So these get worse. Much worse.

11. You still don’t relish the thought of getting up early to go the gym before work. Reeeeally thought this would be easier now you’re a proper adult.

12. Your finances start playing on your mind. Having a huge overdraft and half a dozen credit cards starts to worry you. You might download a budget app or even make a excel spreadsheet of your outgoings.

13. You’d much rather hang out in a cute pub than a crazy loud bar. And you can’t remember the last time you stepped foot in a club.

14. Famous people are all younger than you now. When the shit did that happen?

15. Time really starts flying. Eurgh, Monday morning. Yay, Friday night! Eurgh, Monday morning…

16. You start you feel like you’re a proper adult, not a pretend one.

17. And it doesn’t feel too bad actually.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 18.16.36


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