15 thoughts every girl has when putting on red lipstick

The struggle is real.


1. Do you know what would go great with this outfit? A bold red lip.

2. Will I be doing any kissing? …Nah, probably not. Lipstick it is.

3. Okay, first I’ll line them like they do in those online tutorials.

4. I don’t own a lipliner. Dammit.

5. Okay I’ll just use this pointy side of the lipstick, that’ll work, right?

6. Yeah, that didn’t work. I’ll just do it the normal way.

7. I feel like a child with a crayon.  Just gotta stay in those lines.

8. Cupid’s bow time. I’ll just go slightly over the lines to make it more pronounced.

9. Oh good god no. What have I done? I look like a stripper clown.

10. Make-up wipes are my best friend.

11. Hmm, better. But I’m not sure it’s even. My mouth just isn’t symmetrical. Nevermind, just gunna roll with it.

12. Time for the old blot with a tissue trick. Toilet paper will work okay, right?

13. Quick tooth check. Yep, covered in red. That was a close call.

14. Ugh, this is so high maintenance. I’ll be in the loos all evening checking it’s not smudged. Or worse, rubs off leaves that dodgy red outline…

15. Wow! I look great. I should wear red lipstick more often.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 18.17.00


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