Recipe review: The Detox Kitchen’s baked eggs with spinach and tomato

Glorious health, free from wheat, dairy and refined sugar. That’s the dream right? The clean eating, green living dream.

This, the Detox Kitchen way, is certainly something I aspire to. I am yet to wholeheartedly embrace it, for more than a week anyway… But listening to Lily Simpson and Rob Hobson talk at last weekend’s Stylist Live event has renewed my enthusiasm.

While cooking one of their trademark recipes, the duo explained their natural, nutrient rich ethos. And something Lily said really struck a chord with me. She talked about how eating well is about respecting yourself. Because if you respect yourself you wouldn’t put bad things in your body.

It made perfect sense (We’ll see if it makes as much sense next time that 4pm KitKat crave comes along) so I hotfotted it to the Waterstones stand straight after to pick up a copy of their Kitchen Bible. 12167960_10156214809525037_90690411_n

For my first attempt, I decided to make the dish Lily cooked at Stylist Live: baked eggs with spinach and tomato and an avocado salad. She made sweetcorn fritters too but I ended up working late so these dropped off the menu in favour of toasted wholemeal pitta bread. (Sorry, Lily.)


The recipe was super easy. I’ve always thought making my own tomato sauce would be more bother than it was worth, but it felt really great creating the sauce to bake my eggs in. It’s just a couple of beef tomatoes and a few handfuls of cherry tomatoes, with onion, garlic and smoked paprika. Easy peasy – and really tasty.


I made a (slightly amended) avocado salad to accompany the eggs. Avocado, spring onion, coriander, pine nuts and lemon juice. Clever flavour but so simple to put together.


I was pretty pleased with how my baked eggs turned out. Though I think I should have cooked my tomato sauce for a little longer. It turned out a tad runnier than Lily’s… (above.)

12179093_10156214809505037_1895713494_n (1)  804730_10156214809520037_1625705778_n

My favourite thing about The Detox Kitchen’s book is the added extras. Each recipe comes with specified calorie content (265 per serving for the baked eggs, if you’re interested) and also tells you which vitamins and nutrients each recipe is rich in.

There is a section at the back where the recipes are organised by ailment too, from high cholesterol, arthritis, bloating and acne to weak nails, headaches, PMS, depression and anxiety which I think is a brilliant way to approach this kind of eating.

I’ll be sure to report back next time I dip into the book. I’m eyeing up some banana breakfast muffins…

12167960_10156214809500037_1101580117_n  Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 18.16.36


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