How to get more plants in your life


i m a g e / botany

Plants are great. From the tiniest, spiky succulent, to a towering tree-like yucca, there’s something about green leaves that transform a room by bringing the outside in. A living space feels calmer and more welcoming when it’s filled with all things green and gorgeous. And I think when you live in a city, and it’s winter, being around lush plants seems extra important.

Here are a few ways to fit more botanical beauties into your life.

1. Go low maintenance


i m a g e / botany

Raise your hand if you’d consider yourself a serial plant killer. Don’t worry, you’re not alone as I’m currently typing one-handed. If, like me, you’ve actually managed to kill ivy, it’s probably best to start with something relatively low maintenance. I think a cactus or succulent can be a great starter plant, and these little guys come in various shapes, sizes, colours and textures.They’re full of character, and don’t need to be watered that often. Win, win.

I have one on my desk at work, one in the living room, one in the bathroom, one on my bedside table… plus a weird box of hairy-ass cacti above the bathroom cabinet that we inherited from the previous tenants.

grace and thorn succulent

i m a g e / Grace & Thorn

2. Hanging around

botany hanging larger

i m a g e / botany

Hanging displays can totally transform a wall, and if you don’t have a lot of surfaces in your house, they’re also a great space saver. There are loads of beautiful aerial planters available to buy at the moment, and I think this is one trend that will hang around for a while.

Geo-Fleur-2.11.156986 hanging planter

i m a g e / geo fleur

3. No soil needed

air plant geo fleur

i m a g e / geo fleur

No soil, no problem! Air plants are perfect to use in quirky displays because, as the name suggests, they don’t need soil. Just pop them in a light, sunny spot, mist them every so often and these hardy plants will sit pretty. Plus, these dinosaur planters make a rawr-some gift.

dinosaur air plants

i m a g e / grace & thorn

4. A glass act

eventbrite terrarium

i m a g e / geo fleur

And the botancial buzzword of the year is… terrariums. No longer a weird, old-fashioned concept, terrariums have hit the mainstream and are popping up everywhere from weddings to high-street shops. If you’re left staring at your empty terrarium thinking, “Cool, now what?” why not book yourself into a workshop (try geo fleur or Terrarium Tuesday at Grace & Thorn) and you’ll be a pro in no time.

urban outfitters

i m a g e / urban outfitters


i m a g e / oliver bonas

5. Be a herb-ivore


i m a g e / all things brighton beautiful

Herbs are cool because you can eat them, they smell good, and they can pretty up even the grossest of shared kitchens. You can also buy them cheaply from your local supermarket, although I would suggest repotting those, as the longest any of our basil plants has survived is three months. If you’re feeling particularly green-fingered, you could get a window box. I currently have three little pots and some seeds ready to go in February… (I’ll keep you updated!)

herb pot

i m a g e / anthropologie

6. Fake it!

ikea fake plants

image / ikea

You might think fake flowers are a bit naff or granny-ish, but there are plenty of pretty faux blooms and plants that look good and are cheap too. Plus, for all the low-maintenance gardeners out there, they have the added bonus of never dying. So if your flat is the dingiest of them all, or you work in the corner of a basement where no light reaches, an artificial plant could be the one for you.

7. Looks good on paper

french fancy

i m a g e / french fancy

What’s even more low maintenance than a fake plant you ask? A picture of a plant, of course! Last year in the fashion world, ‘botanical’ was the new take on floral. And this has filtered through to interior design too. There are so many cool botanical prints, pressings and illustrations to choose from.

Here are a few on my wishlist (plus frame ideas, if you’re feeling in a DIY mood):

etsy walnut print

i m a g e / etsy

house plant alex foster illustration

i m a g e / alex foster illustration

fern etsy

i m a g e / etsy

the botanical concept

i m a g e / the botanical concept

botancy frames

i m a g e / botany

The RHS also have a huge choice of botanical prints and canvases available for delivery worldwide.

Quick shout out. The feature image, and several images above, are from Botany, the cutest shop on Chatsworth Road not too far from my house. If you come visit me, I will take you there and make you buy things.

If you’ve been inspired to join the green party, send us pictures of your new plants! We’d love to see them.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 18.17.00




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