Restaurant review: Ma’ Plucker, W1

A cool spot for comfort food in central London 

Sylvias love bucket 2.jpg

Go: For a speedy mid-week catch up in Soho

Eat: Crispy buttermilk chicken with waffles and maple chilli glaze

Pay: Around £8 for a main, £6 for a sundae

Forget clean eating and calorie counting, a trip to Ma’ Pluckers is all about deep fried, syrup-soaked indulgence. It’s the perfect pitstop if you’re in need of some comfort food after a tough day in the office…

The menu is simple. You design your meal, choosing a base (salad, house bun or maple waffle), a sauce (chicken skin gravy, BBQ, chilli, herb or maple glaze) and a style of chicken (roasted, deep-fried or pulled) or crispy Haloumi.

_MG_3558 MR

You should probably also add Crack & Cheeze as a side, because it’s a deep fried ball of macaroni cheese and that’s always a good idea. And finish your meal with one of their old fashioned puddings. Think cherry pie or a giant sugary sundae.

Ma’ Plucker has a fun American-diner vibe, with cool wood-panelled, patterned decor. Portions are generous and served on retro enamel dishes. It boasts quick service and a seriously handy location.

You’ll leave satisfied and with a soothed soul…

Ma’ Plucker, 75 Beak Street, London W1F 9SS

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 18.16.36

Filter were hosted by Ma’ Plucker in 2016. We maintain editorial independence at all times.



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