June favourites

From London hotspots to beauty faves, here’s what we’ve been loving in June!



Cornishware mug

I’m an absolute sucker for Cornishware’s pretty blue stripes. I’ve collected vintage salt and pepper shakers from antiques fairs and picked up chipped plates for pennies in charity shops, but my new favourite is from Cornishware’s current range. This mug is the perfect shape and size for a big mug of tea. Plus you can get it personalised with your name, so no one will dare steal it from the kitchen at work…

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 18.16.36



Essie’s Lapiz of Luxury nail polish 

I love Essie nail varnish. It goes on smoothly and is highly pigmented with a quality, professional looking finish. It doesn’t chip, even after a long stint with a washing-up bowl. And this colour? Well, it’s a sunny summer’s day in a bottle. I’m seeing a bright blue sky even when it’s drizzling in July…

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 18.16.36


Maxfactor Miracle Match Foundation

So my Nars Sheer Glow has finally run out (boo) and I can’t afford to buy another one. Fortunately, this has given me the chance to test out a few drugstore foundations. I’ve really been enjoying this one from Max Factor that blurs and nourishes. It’s relatively low coverage – perfect for summer skin – but still a step up from a bb cream and you can layer it quite easily for more coverage without things getting too cakey. Definitely one to try!



Warehouse split front midi dress 

I’m having a bit of a blue moment, can you tell?! This cornflower beauty is the latest addition to my wardrobe. The lined, midi dress is perfect for a summer filled with friends’ weddings. I wore it this weekend, paired with black suede heels and a patent Whistles clutch. Oh, and it goes nicely with my new Essie polish. #matchymatchy

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 18.16.36

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 18.12.30

Zara cropped flowing trousers

I’m so into culottes right now. I  bought my first pair last month and haven’t looked back. I fell in love with this stripey little number from Zara at first sight. The material is flowy, the colours are earthy and pretty and they look great with a pair of courts. They made their office debut today paired with a black crop top and heels, and for £19.99 they’re an absolute steal.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 18.17.00



Elizabeth is Missing

I’d heard a lot about this novel, and it didn’t disappoint. It’s murder mystery meets family drama, all narrated by an old lady with Alzheimers. She’s confused, forgetful and disorientated. But she can remember one thing: her friend Elizabeth is missing. And no one is taking her seriously. This is one incredibly clever, incredibly enjoyable novel.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 18.16.36

The Kind Worth Killing

The Kind Worth Killing

If you like Gone Girl, you’ll like this. I’ll set the scene. Boy meets girl at an airport lounge. Guy tells girl he wants to kill his cheating wife (creepy). Girl offers to help him (creepier). Don’t worry, that’s not a spoiler alert because all this happens in the first few pages. This is the first book in a while I’ve read outside my usually reading slots, because I had to know what happened next. It’s a great holiday read – although be warned you might read it all on the plane there!

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 18.17.00


Love Island contestants

Love Island, ITV2

Okay, I’ll say it loud and proud. I’ve been watching this season of Love Island religiously. And I mean, I’ve not a missed a single episode (there’s six a week FYI). The premise? Beautiful single people live and love in a glorious, sun-drenched villa Big-Brother style. Over six weeks we’ve seen hook-ups, break-ups and make-ups as the Islanders have coupled up, fallen in love, been voted off, fallen in love again, had their ex turn up, cried, threatened to leave, argued over cheese toasties, and jumped in the pool. Yes, it’s low brow. Quit yo judging. It’s great TV. Now that the six weeks are over, I genuinely don’t know what I’m going to do with my evenings…

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 18.17.00




Gilmore Girls – Netflix 

Hail the gods of on demand. All seven seasons of Gilmore Girls are now available on Netflix, in preparation for the new four-part reboot to drop later this year. Every single episode, starring fast-talking, ass-kicking, coffee-drinking, TV-loving mother-daughter duo Lorelei and Rory, is an absolute joy. They will be your new best friends.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 18.16.36

London favourite


Drink, Shop & Do 

Cafe, craft centre and club. Drink, Shop & Do, with its cool kitchy interiors, does a little bit of everything. We visited recently one Friday night after work to drink gin cocktails out of jars, play Guess Who and take part in half-hourly paper aeroplane competitions. Places like this are why I love living in London. 💙

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 18.16.36

ArcelorMittal orbit slide

The Slide at ArcelorMittal Orbit, Olympic Park

New for June, I was lucky enough to have one of the first runs on the brand new tunnel slide at the ArcelorMittal Orbit. It’s 30 second of pure adrenaline as you hurtle down the tube-like slide at 15mph. You’re kitted out with a sack to sit in, a padded helmet and elbow pads, so you’ll look the part too. I’m not gunna lie, my heart was in my mouth the whole way down and I was a little bit green when I came out the other end – but I would definitely ride again! Adrenaline junkies – this one’s for you.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 18.17.00



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