Cosy winter terraces and rooftops bars in London

It might be winter outside, but it’ll take more than a drop in temperature to force us Londoners inside. Especially when there are so many amazing terraces and rooftop bars around the city. This lot have had a cosy, festive makeover for the chilly months. Just remember to wrap up warm…

Pegola on the Roof

image (6).jpg

Pegola on the Roof was a Mediterranean sun trap this summer. All white washed walls and a canopy of flowers. This winter it’s back in a new guise. There will be no risk of rain, wind or snow. The Pegola has been covered in a heated dome to keep revelers warm and dry. It’s now a “Nordic-mystical forest dining scene under a canopy of holly, ivy, and winter flowers… Think silver birch trees, low level lighting, blankets, cedar wood, oaky scents and candle light.” Open November 3rd – December 23rd.

Dalloway Terrace and Bloomsbury Club


Head to Dalloway Terrace for lunch, dinner, afternoon tea, cocktails or a pop-up movie. The elegant terrace, named Dalloway because of Bloomsbury’s literary connection, is 2 minutes from Tottenham Court Road tube station, but it feels secret and secluded. It has a retractable roof, is fully heated in winter and is lit by fairy lights. It’s also currently home to Nomad Cinema who are screening movies for guests with wifi headphones. Cosy down under that blanket and get comfortable.


Queen of Hoxton 


This winter the Queen of Hoxton’s rooftop bar has been transformed into Skye Halla, a Nordic Viking Feasting and Drinking Hall in the Clouds. Sound awesome? That’s because it is. QoH’s winter wigwam never fails to impress. Its latest incarnation comes complete with long boat, feasting hall, fire pits and plenty of drinking horns. The food and drink menu follows theme, with cocktails like Blood of Loki and dishes including Hodhr’s Hotpot and Solveig’s Stew. Open now until end of March 2017. 


Check back for more… 



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