Welcome to Filter!

Filter (verb): separate to refine. Clarify, distill, screen, sieve, sift.


A London lifestyle blog, from two friends and writers living opposite sides of the city. Read our thoughts on food, feminism, philosophy and everything else.


Meet Ellie: entertainment journalist by day, aspiring novelist and G&T drinker by night. West Londoner and would-be cat lady, if only her landlord would let her have one.

Loves: sun loungers, polka dots, opaque tights, hot air balloons and biscuits.

Hates: spiders and Sunday evenings.

Meet Emma: freelance journalist and deputy content editor. Relatively new kid on the East London block. Originally from the far east (Essex). Fledgling veggie, who spends most of her pennies on breton stripes, gin dates and plants.

Loves: travel, puns, carbs, blue skies, and long-winded stories.

Hates: mornings. And morning people (except for you, Ellie).


Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 18.17.17


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